ďIf Youíre After ĎSet And Forgetí Trading Profits in Under 10 Minutes a Day with NO Complex Rules and NO Staring Mindlessly at a Screen all Day then KrautGap is For You.Ē

No Worry. No Fuss. Just Simple Profits There For the Taking. Perfect For Beginners or More Experienced Traders.

John Piper
Successful Trader and Best Selling Author

Dear Friend,

At last Iíve done it!

My students have been nagging at me for years to come up with the worldís simplest trading system.

Beginners, in particular, have been begging me to produce something which allows them to make steady money, in their spare time, from a standard PC at home.

They all want something which ticks these boxes...

  •  Steadily profitable.
  •  Under 15 minutes a day.
  •  No Ďgraph watchingí for extended periods.

And.... (this is the BIG one)...

  •  No agonizing about entry and exit points.

After several late night sessions with top trader and close personal friend Mark Austin, I had that Eureka moment!

What Iíve come up with is going to blow you away with its simplicity and low time overhead.

Itís also stress-free.

Oh, and I should say straight away that Iíve tested it carefully and it pulls in steady money, (averaged over a decent period of course).

In fact... (and youíre going to love this) using certain sneaky techniques Iíve managed to push the win rate up to 80%!

Thatís right! It really is possible to win up to 8 times out of 10 with this amazing new system.

And of course using my unique Xtreme Stop method, we also strictly limit our exposure when the market goes completely the wrong way. Plus precise Ďmoney managementí rules to strictly limit losses.

Great profits up to 8 times out of 10 and strictly limited losses always? That spells profit in any language.

You may have guessed from the name of the idea that this is something to do with Germany.

Well youíd be right. The really neat thing about this system is that you only have ONE Index to check each day, and thatís the German DAX. Itís a stunning new gap trading system which I have discovered, tested, proven and now Iím making it available to you.

And please donít worry if youíve never heard of gap trading or indeed if youíve never traded before. Thatís perfect because KrautGap is ideal for the beginner and experienced trader alike.

Iíve set out to make this the simplest system on the planet (which is why itís so suitable for those who have never traded.)

Check this out:

  • One Index to check (the DAX). No multi-screen, constant flipping between share prices and Indices. If you have a bog-standard computer, you can do this.
  • Check it just ONCE each day (unless you canít wait to see your profits, in which case you need to check it twice!). Youíll be pushed to spend more than five minutes a day on this, but I suppose you should allow ten.
  • A true Ďset and forgetí system. That means youíre not Ďsweating the marketí, watching tedious graphs all day or anything like that. You look, decide, pull the trigger and get on with your day. There is nothing to watch, no tricky exit decisions to make, no hard to fathom entry rules.
  • Strictly limited losses. No system can win every time of course. But with KrautGap you simply cannot lose more than (say) £52 if the trade goes against you (and it will from time to time, of course). Meanwhile...
  • Fantastic upside gains of 28, 48, 70, 132 points and a WIN rate of up to 80%!
  • PLUS, and this is a BIG ONE, once you master gap trading there are many other systems Mark and I can introduce you to with lots of profit potential.

Phew! Iím tempted to say ďVe haff vays und means of makink you money...Ē!!!

But Iíve annoyed my German friends enough already!

Now let me say straight away... this isnít for everyone.

Iíll admit that some people want to trade very frequently (several times a day or even several times an hour!). Theyíre Ďtrading junkiesí. Thereís nothing they like better than putting in a full 8 hour day staring at charts on their screens, drawing support and resistance lines and spotting trends. Itís what turns them on. They love it.

So theyíre going to hate my Ďset and forgetí KrautGap system!

You see thereís virtually no work to do with Krautgap. And you only trade about every other day on average.

KrautGap is the True ĎLazy Manís Way to Trading Profitsí

Of course you can run this alongside any other trading system you are currently using.

Hereís What I do to Make Money From This

Each day I go to my PC and turn it on.

I bring up a FREE graph of the German DAX and look for a special sort of Ďgapí in the market (Iíll explain exactly what that is in my new 10-lesson course called KrautGap.)

If itís not there, I turn off my PC and go out for another fun day. But hereís the good bit. If the Ďgapí is there, I then apply two simple tests to the gap. If it passes, Iím in. If it fails, I leave it alone. These special tests are what boosts my win rate sky high.

Total elapsed time Ė five minutes maximum.

The inspiration behind KrautGap Ė Top Trader Mark Austin

If thereís a trade on, I place a simple bet with a spread betting company such as IG Index or Gekko Markets. That takes another minute or so. (I fully explain exactly how to do this. Itís dead easy.)

Thatís it! I then get on with having a fantastic fun time. Right now, for example, Iím enjoying an extended 6-week break on the beautiful island of Ko Samui in Thailand. Mark actually lives there!

Thatís the sort of lifestyle that KrautGap can bring you. Ten minutes every other day... lots of money... and lots of time to enjoy it.

I guess thatís what I love about being a trader. The freedom, the small amount of effort and the great profits.

Well now YOU can join me in the idyllic life and start getting your hands on some of those amazing gap profits.

Iíve put everything you need to know in a series of ten fortnightly lessons which Iíd love to start sending you straight away.

Soon you will see the awesome power KrautGap has to make steady money for you for years to come.

Iíve taken immense care with these lessons (full colour, illustrated) to walk you through this ultra-profitable system. If youíre an experienced trader, youíll be able to forge ahead and get the system working almost immediately.

(I ask the experienced traders reading this to be patient as I explain this in a step-by-step fashion for the people reading the course who have never traded before. YOU know about the profit potential of something like this, but they donít, so please indulge me as I take it nice and slow to make sure they can cash-in as well.)

You see, Iím really so excited by the test results and the steady profits which KrautGap can bring that I want everyone to enjoy this course and start profiting from it.

How Much Will This Cost me?

Hereís another exciting thing. In conversation with hundreds of students and readers of my trading books over the years, Iíve come to realise that proven trading systems which sell for† £300-£3,000+ are way out of the league of most people who are just starting out.

Donít get me wrong, the price is worth it. Anything that can make you £50k - £100k a year tax free is certainly worth £3,000! Itís just that... well... people simply donít have that kind of money.

Particularly these days.

So Iíve done something rather special. Because Iíd love for you to come on one of my more expensive seminars or buy a more advanced trading system from me at a later date, Iím releasing KrautGap at under one tenth the price of a top-price system.

So thatís just £291 in total. (Thatís not per lesson, by the way! Thatís for the complete 10-part fortnightly course. Just £29.10 per lesson, which is less than the cost of a meal out for 2.)

But Iíve gone one step further...

Again, talking to people, Iíve been amazed at how tight money is right now. I guess living the Ďgood lifeí with all the freedom and money which comes from trading for a living has blinded me somewhat. People are really struggling out there.

So hereís the amazing deal I have decided upon. If you sign up for KrautGap now (today) you can take the course for just one single down payment of £97, then two further monthly payments of £97, totalling the full £291.

That way you get KrautGap working for you before you even pay for the course in full!

And if you prefer to pay in one go your total payment goes down from £291.00 to just £247 – a significant saving!!†

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Of course!

You see, right now I know exactly how KrautGap can improve your financial circumstances. I know how easy it is to use and I know about the consistent profits it can bring in.

And thatís the whole point. I KNOW THAT, but you donít!

So I want you to check out KrautGap at my risk, not yours. The first two modules will give you a good idea of how it works and show you the potential for generating steady profits.

I donít want you to risk a penny until you are 100% sure that this is for you.

To that end I offer the following guarantee.

Your Iron-Clad, 100% Money Back Guarantee
Receive the first 2 fortnightly modules of KrautGap after making your down payment of £97. Read the full colour lessons as often as you wish. Do whatever it takes to completely convince yourself that it is possible to make steady profits in under 10 minutes a day from your own home. If at any time before your next payment is due you decide for any reason whatsoever that this is not for you, simply let us know. We will not only stop further payments, we will also refund your first payment in full, without question. AND you can keep all the materials sent to you

I hope youíre excited by that and want to get KrautGap working for you straight away, safe in the knowledge that you have two full lessons before you make your final decision.

I am ready and waiting to email you the first module on receipt of your fully refundable down payment of £97.

Remember, you need NO prior experience; you DONíT need a lot of money to get started and this system is so simple that a 13-year old could understand it.

If youíve ever fancied making money from trading but have been put off by the complexity and expense, then KrautGap is the answer to your prayers. Arguably itís the worldís simplest and easiest to use trading system.

Within a short time from now, you could be making terrific profits, in under ten minutes a day, trading a single Index from your laptop on the beach, or the comfort of your own home.

I look forward to hearing from you straight away.

Best Regards

John Piper


PS† Please DONíT put this off to do Ďlaterí as the moment will pass, life will take you over and you will miss out on this easy and profitable system.

PPS I almost forgot to say that all of your profits are TAX-FREE!† Howís that for a bonus!